Spartans of The Niner Empire

Bringing Niner Fans Together From All Over The Globe!!!


spartan_helmet_2bWe are the Spartan Warrior Fans of The Niner Empire. We’re insane, loyal and have a GREAT time watching games together, taking over parking lots, streets, bars and stadiums at AWAY games. We were born as the Georgia 49er Fan Club that kicked off game day 2013 NFC championship in the Yellow Lot at the Georgia Dome. A very special day for all that were there. We rocked it! We like the Spartan theme, goes nicely with Candlestick 1st Downs;) and just being crazy rowdy fanatic warriors supporting our 49ers home and abroad. (3) levels of membership: Spartiate – Club Officer (Paid member with a 1 for 1 equal authority as an officer of the club. Can be appointed or removed via a majority vote at the Spartan Round Table. See code for details. Spartan – Active Paid Member Helot – Friend of the club, most Helot levels are 49er fans that are active members of OTHER clubs, or fans that like to hang out with us occasionally or are just good friend of an active member and hang around some. This is the “prospect” level per say. Go NINERS!!!! Spartiate & Away Game Tailgate CEO, Dave Kahn

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